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Leadership – IFMA Style

Written by Christine Neldon. Published in the FMJ – September/October 2016 issue.

Writing a Good Request For Proposal

Published in the February 2005 Newsletter.

Benchmarking Occupant Comfort

Published in the February 2004 Newsletter.

Roofing Lessons Learned

Written by Harriet Whelihan, UPS. Published in the August, 2003 newsletter.

What is the ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 Safety Standard?

Written by Ken Green, Principal with Essex Engineering Corp. Published in the July 2003 newsletter.

Bioterrorism – How Can Your Company Be Prepared?

Written by Pamela Porter, Director of Response Services and Angie Tennyson, Asst. Editor, Crisis Management International. Published in the August 2002 newsletter.

Who Was That Masked Plan?

Written by James Cummings, The WorkPlace, Inc. Published in the September & October 2002 newsletters.

The Energy Equation – Braggin’ Rights

Published in the February 2003 newsletter.

The Microbial Myth

Published in the March 2003 newsletter.

What is SLA?

Written by Harriett Whelihan. Published in the April 2003 newsletter.

Homeland Security Advisory System Recommendations.

Published by American Red Cross. This document outlines the recommended actions for Business, Schools and Family at each level of alert, Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green.

What About Ispace?

Written by Christine H. Neldon CFM, IFMA Fellow. Presented at the June, 2001 Atlanta Chapter Meeting and also at World Workplace Europe in July, 2001.

You have heard of hoteling space. You know about the virtual office. Teleworking and telecommuting are frequent buzzwords floating around. Should you feel guilty about your traditional office space with its private offices and (gasp) golf vistas on the walls? Are you hopelessly behind the times and doomed to extinction?

Lets talk about Ispace. What is it, you say? Can I buy it right now and install it for quick price and kudos from the top brass… (For more – click on the highlighted heading above).

Project Budgeting – Five Steps to Success

Written by Christine H. Neldon CFM, IFMA Fellow. Presented at the February, 2000 Atlanta Chapter Meeting

Budget activities are usually a facility manager’s least favorite task. They are time consuming and difficult, but unavoidable. More importantly, your financial skills may determine your job security. You can finish a project on time with good quality but blow the budget and you are history… (For more on this article click on the link above)

Project Budgeting – Attachment 1

Project Budgeting – Attachment 2

Project Budgeting – Attachment 3

The Triple Bottom Line – A Path to Sustainability

Written by Collins & Aikman Floorcoverings, Inc. Reprinted from the March/April 2001 Atlanta Chapter Newsletter

The TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE – an important new management philosophy-that is being adopted by some of the most progressive companies and organizations in the US. This new management philosophy’s important because it will shape the way we do business, it demands new skills and presents exciting new opportunities for growth and advancement. Companies like FORD, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, BRISTOL-MEYERS SQUIBBS and mid-size companies… (For more information on this PowerPoint presentation click on the link above.)