June Sustainability Corner

President Obama Announces Commitments and Executive Actions to Advance Solar Deployment and Energy Efficiency
President Obama has announced an additional $2 billion goal in federal energy efficiency upgrades to Federal buildings over the next 3 years. The challenge, in combination with the initial commitment of $2 billion in 2011, will result in a total of $4 billion in energy efficiency performance contracts in the Federal sector through 2016.

The President also announced more than 300 private and public sector commitments to create jobs and cut carbon pollution by advancing solar deployment and energy efficiency. The commitments represent more than 850 megawatts of solar deployed – enough to power nearly 130,000 homes – as well as energy efficiency investments that will lower bills for more than 1 billion square feet of buildings.

To find out more about the President’s new energy efficiency directives, please follow the link to the  White House Fact Sheet.