IFMA Engage

Have you ever wished there was someone you could connect with who was facing the same work challenges that you are facing today?  Do you sometimes feel that no one in your organization has a thorough understanding of the issues you face in your Facilities Department?

IFMA has launched a new and enhanced online discussion and document sharing platform called Engage. The site allows you to easily interact and communicate online, so you can continue conversations and make new professional connections with colleagues in the facility management industry.  Click on the Engage icon below to get started.

Since Tony Keane’s announcement on July 10th, there have been threads on topics as diverse as

Policies on Sit/Stand Desks

Pros and Cons of investing in LEED Certification

The Future of FM

Career Growth and Advice

Accommodating Nursing Moms in the Workplace

New topics are started every day!  Log into IFMA Engage and make a connection!  The answer could be across the street or across the world!  Being an IFMA member makes it possible to engage with your counterparts in organizations small and large, near and far.