Hitting a Homerun in Career Management

ball gown prom dressAre you currently in transition or looking to maximize your full potential in facilities management? Do you have a strategy to advance to the next stage in your career?  Is it time to transform your dreams and aspirations into reality?  The IFMA Atlanta Career Management Committee assists its IFMA membership by enhancing their careers and personal growth in a number of areas such as competencies, certifications, networking, career coaching, resume analysis, mentoring and job opportunities.

If you are interested in mentoring or being mentored yourself, the career management committee can get you involved in this program. Mentoring enables one person (the Mentor) to facilitate the development of another person (the Mentee) by sharing skills, expertise, perspectives, and guidance.  This program can have a powerful and positive impact on chapter members in many ways.

Are you interested in hearing about new career opportunities often before they are made public via the various job boards?  Become a member of the IFMA Atlanta Job Club and you will receive automatic emails concerning some really great job opportunities.

Do you need help in developing a career management plan and aligning your purpose and passion with what you do for a living?  You can contact Joe Carroll for help.  Joe is chair of the career management committee and is also a certified career coach.  His goal is to help people maximize their success in life. Harness the power of networking and the depth of experience of the Atlanta Chapter of IFMA by leveraging IFMA Atlanta’s Career Management Committee. For more information on any of the above topics, please send an email to Joe Carroll at Joe@istmanagement.com or call him at 404-582-8859.