Spatial Plexis Conference – 2012

IFMA Chairwoman, Kathy Roper, has asked us to pass this opportunity along

Spatial Plexus ’12: “Inspecting “Wicked Problems” with Geospatial Goggles” 2.5-Dy Conference, $300, May 21 – 23, 2012

Atlanta GA | Co-offered by the National Geospatial Technology Center for Excellence and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GIS@GTRI Program)

Generally speaking, the goal of industry conferences is to bring practitioners to problems (generally organized by subject or track) and highlight concepts and solutions. The Spatial Plexus ’12 inaugural conference takes a twist on this paradigm by bringing problems to the practitioner through the reality of intricate and interdependent issues. “Wicked problems” are those difficult to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements. By “inspecting ‘wicked problems’ with geospatial goggles,” complexities and interdependencies can be exposed, better defined, dissected, better managed through the geospatial approach and reassembled for overall improvements. Interactive panels with distinguished speakers; overview of GIS funding opportunities, ability to contribute via Ignite Sessions. Register now:

Special note to Facilities Managers: Tuesday, May 22 @ 9:15 – 10:15 “GIS4FacilitiesManagemen&Operations” Panel

In the last five years or so, corporate facilities departments have begun to evolve from their old commitment to the delivery of a functional office space, to this new idea of delivery of employee services, just one of which is space. The new “services” model of corporate real estate is requiring new skill sets, new partner relations, and less tactical, more strategic analysis of such things as asset management, energy production, and holistic sustainability. These strategic issues are exactly the kinds of complex questions that GIS applications, with integrated data sets and modeling capabilities are meant to address.

*** Note: 1 free registration with 3 paid registrations

Danielle Ayan, GISP, Spatial Plexus ’12 Conference Chair