Nonprofit Lunch & Learn: Roof Preventive Maintenance 101

 On Thursday, August 16, IFMA Atlanta Community Services Committee, in partnership with Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN), presented Roof Preventive Maintenance 101:  Prolonging the Life of Your Roof.  The program, hosted by GCN in conjunction with their Nonprofit University, was attended by twenty-seven representatives of nonprofit organizations in Metro Atlanta, many of whom are learning to maintain their facilities through the IFMA Atlanta Nonprofit Partner Program. 

 IFMA Member and Community Services Committee Co-Chair Rick Yarbrough, Senior Project Manager for T.L. Gowin & Co., Inc., Commercial Roofing Contractors, outlined simple steps for keeping a roof in good condition, including:

  • How to access the roof system and inspect the roof system safely
  • Why semi-annual inspections are important and valuable to the building owner
  • How to document a roof inspection
  • How inspections relate to the roof system warranty
  • When to call in an “expert”
  • Why controlling access to the roof is important

The presentation covered all types of roofing systems for commercial and residential properties and such topics as keeping damaging chemicals off the roof, dealing with hail damage, ensuring that window washing equipment does not damage the roof, replacing a roof, proper sealing of roof penetrations…and much more!  To view the entire 1-1/4 hour program:  Roof Preventive Maintenance 101. 

 We invite you to bring your experience with designing, constructing, and managing facilities to the Community Services Committee and join us in serving the Nonprofit Community.  Contact Rick Yarbrough (T.L. Gowin & Co.),, or Emily Perry (Harris Perry),, for more information.

The video can be viewed at: mms://