March 2013 Lunch Presentation by Roland Ignacio for QTS

The March luncheon at 103 West was well attended at this nice venue and the selection of the lunch menu was a nice change. Our speaker Roland Ignacio for QTS shared the breakdown of data center Maintenance and Reliability with his presentation on “How Reliabilities Center Maintenance Trends Impact Facility Manager”. He shared the nuts and bolts or lug nuts of how a data center looks for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) by using the analogy of what a car tire does an how it functions or does not function. He touched base on Risk verses Reward and how safety, security, operations and uptime are managed with Predictive Maintenance and traditional maintenance practices. He also covered how you would determine RCM. For those who did not know a lot about what goes into the preventive maintenance of a data center before the luncheon, learned a lot more about what it takes to keep a data center operating with no down time and being ready for any event that could possible happen to a data center. The subject matter related Certified Facility Managements Core Competency area for Operations and Maintenance in section 1 and 2.

The other bonus of Roland’s presentation is that his company will be offering a facility roundtable tour of his data center in the near future. Watch for this great opportunity in our next newsletter.

You can view the presentation here: Reliability Centered Maintenance from a Data Center perspective