On April 3Halloween Backdrops for photography0, IFMA Atlanta Community Services Committee presented a Nonprofit Facility Management Clinic at Georgia Center with the Halloween Backdrops for Nonprofits as a follow-up to the five-part Certificate of Nonprofit Facility Management program presented by IFMA Atlanta at GCN last fall.

In the first session, Securing the Nonprofit Facility, participants learned ways for their organizations to better protect their people and property and how improved security helps prevent loss of revenue.  IFMA Member Steve Hamlin, Georgia Account Manager for United Security Alliance, covered how to define security goals, what technologies are available to help meet those goals, how improved security will save money for an organization, and how to calculate total cost of ownership.

The second session, Implementing Sustainable Construction, was a dual presentation by Jasper Tanner, Program Officer for The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta responsible for implementation of several community initiatives including Grants to Green, and Cody David, Project Engineer for Southface, working in cooperation with Community Foundation to provide energy audits for the Grants to Green program.  Their presentation covered determining sustainable projects to benefit a nonprofit facility, understanding what projects may be financed through Grants to Green, realizing what challenges might be encountered in implementing sustainable projects, and understanding requirements for accessing funding through Grants to Green.

Though IFMA Atlanta’s partnership with GCN providing educational sessions on Nonprofit Facility Management, representatives from nonprofit organizations are learning to master the essentials of renovating and maintaining their facilities with minimum impact on their operating programs.   For further information on the certificate program, which is scheduled to be presented again this fall:

We invite you to bring your experience with designing, constructing, and managing facilities to the Community Services Committee and join us in serving our IFMA Atlanta Nonprofit Partners.  Contact Community Services Chair, Haydn Fusia, 770-414-9099,, for more information.