February Member Spotlight – Professional Member Greg Hebert with Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Greg Hebert was born in Crowley, LA, but spent a good part of his life living in Houston, TX.  Greg grew up living with his mom and has one sister and one brother.  Some of his favorite childhood memories are fishing with his dad.

Greg has been a Facility Manager for 20 years and 10 years with Johnson Ferry Baptist Church and recently completed his CFM designation in September, 2018.  His first job was at the age of 10 working in his uncle’s welding and steel shop making rails and steel doors. But the craziest job Greg had was doing inland and off shore drilling.  This job was just the craziest, but also the most difficult due to the long hours it required.

Greg graduated from Northbrook High School in Houston and then joined the Air Force. He served in the Air Force during peace time.  Greg always wanted to be an engineer, but due to life circumstances did not have the opportunity to attend college.  He grew up in the service industry.  He has also worked as a diesel mechanic for Houston Light & Power. Greg attributes his success to his extensive experience and knowledge in the service industry.  His philosophy when it comes to business is, perform quality work, be honest in all you do, and have pride in your work.  His biggest pet peeve is being lied to and dishonesty.

Greg enjoys the people he works with on a daily basis and enjoys the fellowship he has with them.  When asked what his biggest challenge during his career has been Mark says “finding quality vendors.”

Greg and his wife reside in Marietta.  He has 5 children and 9 grandchildren.  The furthest place he has ever visited is Sombrero, Mexico during a mission trip.  However, his favorite place to vacation is Louisiana and Texas to visit and spend time with family.  Greg’s favorite hobbies cooking and fishing.  To de-stress after a long day or week, he likes to go out on the lake and fish. One thing many people may not know about Greg is “I am a big teddy bear.”  Greg’s greatest personal achievement is surviving his childhood as a normal person.

Greg is a professional member to IFMA Atlanta.  He was introduced to IFMA Atlanta through an employee.  His interest in wanting to find out more about safety and security was a deciding factor in his decision to join.  “IFMA has supported what I believe in and has re-affirmed what type of employee I am.”  Greg recently received his CFM and IFMA Atlanta would like to congratulate him.  He is also involved in NACFM.   Congratulations Greg we are proud to have you as part of IFMA Atlanta.