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Past, Present & Future with Joanne Cole

Thanksgiving has past and Christmas is just weeks away.  That can only mean one thing; the IFMA Atlanta Holiday Party and Awards ceremony is coming up soon.  In this time of year marked by tradition, it is only fitting that I have saved this interview for this special time of year.  As is tradition, it […]

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Of Sense and Sustainability

Of Sense and Sustainability ~ Bio of Annette Gorelick, IFMA Atlanta Chapter Secretary 2010/11 by Chris Sanders It a beautiful Indian summer day in Atlanta, my husband and I are driving with the top down to a local Starbucks to meet with Annette for this interview. I am running late and our interview time is […]

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Check out the new Issue of OC Atlanta

Please take a few minutes to read the current issue of OC Atlanta magazine. Two of our chapter members wrote featured articles of interest: “IFMA’s World Workplace Coming to Atlanta” by Joanne Cole and “What IFMA Atlanta has Meant to Me” by Joseph Geierman.

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Meet the President Elect

Meet the President Elect ~ Interview with Karen Howard, IFMA Atlanta President Elect 2010/11 by Chris Sanders I was originally to conduct this interview of Karen Howard on her home turf, C-W-C. As I drove with the early morning traffic across the top end, a chain of events caused 285 east bound to become a […]

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The Making of a President

The Making of a President ~ Bio of Christy Jellets, IFMA Atlanta President 2010/11 by Chris Sanders It’s Friday around 12:30pm and typical for a Facilities Manager’s schedule; Christy Jellets and I are meeting at a Starbucks to conduct this interview. By typical I mean we had to reschedule several times and finally resorted to […]

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