The 2019 Essentials of Facilities Management Training Seminar will take place June 17-20, 2019 at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

Aspiring union directors and senior professionals new to facilities responsibilities will benefit from this foundational program.

Through back-of-house tours, instructional presentations, and immersive case studies, you will gain an overview of how facilities can be successfully managed. You will also grow your network beyond ACUI to include attendees from APPA who manage other campus environments.

You will benefit from:

  • Meeting other facilities managers with similar challenges and potential solutions
  • Gaining ideas about how to maximize facilities budgets and human resources
  • Learning the basics about common facility equipment, technical standards, and maintenance processes
  • Seeing some of the new technology being introduced in the industry

Session Topics to Include:

Funding Maintenance Projects
Most facilities managers have the same dilemma: doing more with less. In a tight budget, maintenance, building repairs, and system upgrades are often deferred or postponed indefinitely. Realizing this can be problematic for the long-term life of systems and the building itself, there is definitely a case to be made to prioritize comprehensive preventative maintenance in the budget. This session will provide an overview of how to make persuasive arguments and fund building maintenance despite limited resources.

Effective Budget Planning and Management
Budget management in higher education can be different from other industries. This session will share foundational knowledge about higher education finance, effective budgets, and best practices that facilities managers can use in managing their budgets.

Inclusive Facility Operations & Practices
Inclusion goes beyond the physical design of your facilities and should permeate your entire operation. Learn how to use concepts of universal design and accommodations in a way that provide a more welcoming environment. This session will touch on not only selection of FF&E but also schedules, operations, aesthetics, and more. A great primer if you are looking for ways to walk the talk of inclusion.

Considering Alternatives to Calling the Police in Building Management
How many times have you told your line staff to simply “call the police” when there is an issue in the building? Have you ever questioned that guidance? We will consider current context and recent news stories, our personal biases and situations, and the implications for today’s building management. We will then discuss alternatives to calling the police and when calling the police might be appropriate on campus.

Student Engagement and the Role of the College Union
The Role of the College Union states that the college union supports the academic mission of the institution and the development of students. This session will focus on the findings from a national study that examined the student learning and success in the college union. Participants will explore how the organizational structure of the college union served as the conduit for creating conditions that promote engagement and learning.

HVAC and Building Commissioning
Emory’s HVAC and building commissioning staff will discuss basic concepts related to HVAC design and operation as well as the importance of building commissioning to address performance issues and ensure building efficiency. Attendees will then participate in an in-depth site walk of the Student Center systems and discuss unique design and operation highlights related to sustainability.

Storage and Inventory
No facility ever seems to have enough storage. Learn how, as part of the Emory Student Center design, storage has been integrated throughout the building (including some furniture). Facilities staff will also discuss the team’s inventory tracking system journey, which is currently being implemented.

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