November 2009 – The Employees Are Gone But The Furniture Is Still Here… (PowerPoint presentation)

Presented by:

Merri Anne Pfeffer, CFM
Facility Project Manager
Prommis Solutions

Stewart Smith
Great American Floors

October 2009 – Green is the New Black Chapter Luncheon Powerpoint presentations

Georgia Power Sustainable Strategy (PowerPoint presentation) by Rochelle Routman
Go Green, Get Healthy (PowerPoint presentation) by Liz York, A.I.A., LEED A.P.
Green, the New Black in More Ways than One (PowerPoint presentation) – not shown at meeting due to time

March 2009 – Commissioning & Green Building Solutions (PowerPoint presentation) by H. Jay Enck

February 2009 – Short & Long Term Budget Trends (PowerPoint presentation) by Phil Smith, National Political Director