Special Seminar Focusing on New Edition of Facility Management Handbook!

Atlanta Facility Managers often don’t realize how lucky they are to live in this city. Our chapter of IFMA is one of the oldest and most mature in the nation. Local school, Georgia Tech offers one of the few master’s degree programs offered in the United States. Even better, one of the professors at that school, Kathy Roper, also happens to be an IFMA Fellow and member of the IFMA National Board of Directors (as well as a past president of IFMA Atlanta).

Professor Roper now has another treasure to offer to Facility Managers in Atlanta and beyond — she has co-authored the third edition of the Facility Management Handbook (along with David Cotts and Richard Payant). Those of us who live in the city are lucky enough to be able to attend a seminar featuring Professor Roper and one of her co-authors as they speak about some of the ideas featured in their book. This event will take place on September 22nd at 5pm (on the GA Tech Campus).

Here’s a description:

Two of the authors of The Facility Management Handbook, Third Edition, provide their insight on the important areas of sustainability, security and emergency preparedness. These topics, new to this edition, have become critical issues for facility managers following 9/11 and hurricane Katrina. The new focus on sustainability is on everyone’s list and this seminar will highlight both.

With the release of the third edition of The Facility Management Handbook, issues of security, emergency preparedness and sustainability are addressed for facility and property management professionals. This seminar will provide an overview of new materials in this edition and give an in-depth analysis of why these issues have become critical for managers of the built environment. Authors Kathy O. Roper, CFM, MCR, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow, Associate Professor and Chair, Integrated Facility Management, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Richard Payant, CFM, CPE, CHS, Director of Facilities Management, Georgetown University, will present and provide details on how to ensure your facilities and FM departments are addressing these issues in the rapidly changing world that the 21st Century presents to workplace managers.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn why security, emergency preparedness and life safety are high priorities for anyone managing facilities.
  2. Discover the background and importance of sustainability in facility management.
  3. Take away critical issues to include in day-to-day operations, as well as strategic planning from these topics in order incorporate them into your organizations’ practice, including hints for gaining approvals for policies and budgets.

Exciting stuff – we hope we see you there! Register Here