John Means works as the Director, Facilities Management for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. His mission is to act in the best interest of the Landlord (City of Atlanta/ATL) to insure that ATL’s buildings remain safe and code compliant with systems that are constantly reliable. His team consist of six professionally trained facility managers that continually inspect and assess the airport for deficiencies and test critical components like emergency generators for example to ensure they perform when called upon.

John and his team work with tenants, concessionaires, AATC and the Airlines to insure our rented spaces consistently meet the demands of our customers. They also work with engineering, maintenance, construction and sustainability to improve future designs and mitigate deficiencies within the current “built” environment. They perform these task while keeping an eye out for potential improvements in energy efficiency and sustainability. “Facilities Management recognizes it’s impossible to remain the most efficient airport in the world without having a supporting infrastructure that’s reliable and fully operable.” As we learned very clearly last December 17th it’s hard to get planes off the ground if you don’t have power feeding the numerous systems that make this happen. “Our job is to anticipate where our systems are showing wear and tear and proactively correct our issues before they result in unscheduled downtime and the resulting losses of revenues and consumer confidence.” Over 104 Million passengers per year depend on ATL’s facilities to work as designed. That enables them to move to their flights without delay.