Membership Spotlight – Kennesaw State University Construction Management Student Lauren R. Kimsey

NewHairBuyName:  Lauren R. Kimsey

Age: 26

What is your Hometown/High school? I was born in Hallsville Texas and raised in Georgia. In 2009, I graduated from Faith Academy in Loganville Georgia.

Why did you choose to attend Kennesaw State? I began my Construction Management education journey at Gwinnett Tech in 2013 and quickly realized how much I enjoyed learning about the industry. In the spring of 2015, my love of learning led me to Kennesaw State University because I wanted to strengthen my understanding and graduate with a four-year degree.

What year student are you? I am a senior at KSU and am expected to graduate in the Fall of 2018.

What is your major? My major is Construction Management with a concentration in Facilities Management.

What made you decide that major? In 2013, a temporary staffing agency placed me at a construction firm who specialized in building cleanrooms for both medical and technological purposes. During this time, I assisted the project manager and through shadowing him, realized my passion for the industry.

Do you know anybody in the FM industry? My father, Joe Kimsey is an industry partner and has worked in the Audio Video sector for commercial construction. Additionally, my eldest brother Jeremy Webb is the maintenance director for the Harbison Community Association, a planned urban development located in Columbia South Carolina. Growing up, I never imagined that I would follow a path like my dad and brother, but I have enjoyed being able to share ideas and learn from them.

What is your favorite class? Thus far, my two favorite classes have been geared towards sustainability in construction. In fact, after taking my first CM Sustainability Class last fall I discovered how important green initiatives are throughout the entire life cycle of a building. This led me on a path to learn more about sustainability and resulted in changing my concentration to Facilities Management.

Any professional goals? My first goal has been to receive my Bachelor’s degree, debt free in a profession that I enjoy. Now that I can see the finish line for this goal, I am excited to enter the next chapter of hands on learning.

What is your dream job? I have a feeling that my “Dream job,” will evolve and change as I do. However, I would love the opportunity to assist companies and universities in reducing their energy consumption by using energy management technology or green initiatives.

Worst job you ever had? During my time working at a temporary staffing agency, I was placed at a call center where I handled declined credit card transactions. This helped me to realize that I wanted to be in an occupation where I could make a difference in the lives of my fellow employees and customers. Also, I enjoy the challenge of having new projects and problems to solve each day, rather than the same daily tasks.

Who is your biggest inspiration? One of my greatest inspirations has been my grandmother, Helen Marie Kimsey. She was born in 1920 and lived a full life of 91 years. Her ability to live life with joy and passion was truly awe inspiring. In her last 50 years of life, she had my dad, learned the guitar, studied sign language, went on the mission field, and gave back to her community.

When and how did you join IFMA? I joined IFMA this Spring after learning about the organization from my Professor, Brandi Williams. She encouraged me to be a part of the IFMA community and to utilize their many learning opportunities.

Hobbies/interests/interesting personal facts: I enjoy going on adventures, both locally and globally. Traveling enables me to combine all my favorite things into one package, which include meeting new people, trying food from various cultures, and discovering new places. So far one of my favorite trips was when I visited a village in Osaka Japan and hiked to see waterfalls in the mountains.

Other thoughts: Over the summer I discovered a podcast, “The Facilities Management Innovator,” by Mike Petrusky that is geared towards Facilities Managers and FM partners. His podcasts are a fantastic way to spend 22 minutes of your Atlanta commute and the episodes are quite entertaining. It has been a great way for me to learn more about current trends in the industry and hear FM success stories from around the globe.