GA Tech Corner July 2014

GTTime for a quiz!  Often when IFMA members think of facility management students, they envision young people who are full-time students and need to learn about working world in addition to the specialties of facility management.  But non-traditional students make up the majority of Georgia Tech’s FM students.

  1. How many members of IFMA Atlanta have graduated from the GT FM program?
  2. What recent GT graduate is on the IFMA Atlanta Board of Directors?
  3. When do students come to class at GT?
  4. What are the core competencies of FM?
  5. How many faculty members teach FM courses?
  6. How much has IFMA Atlanta donated to the GT FM program?
  7. How are donations funded by the Chapter?
  8. How are donations used at GT?
  9. How many students are currently enrolled in the GT FM program?
  10. Who is the GT Liaison for the Chapter?

How did you do?  Unless you have been in the GT program, you are probably not aware of the close relationship the Atlanta Chapter has had since 2000 when the program was launched.  The GT FM program is honored to have such strong support from IFMA Atlanta and we look forward to enhancing that relationship.  For additional information, contact Professor Kathy Roper at

Answers:  1. Nineteen current members are graduates of the FM program, and many more are Architecture, Engineering or Management graduate of other GT programs.  2. Trick questions!  Joseph Geierman, President Elect and Ken Stephenson, VP Professional Development are both graduates of the GT FM program.  3. All classes are taught in the evening or late afternoon to accommodate working professionals.  4.  IFMA identifies 11 core competencies of FM:  •  Communication •Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity •Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability •   Finance and Business •Human Factors •Leadership and Strategy •Operations and Maintenance •  Project Management • Quality • Real Estate and Property Management &  • Technology.  5. Only one full-time faculty and two adjunct faculty teach FM core courses.  6. Since the initiation of the program IFMA Atlanta has donated over $130,000 to GT.  7.  The Spring Classic is the primary fundraiser however, the donation is a budget line item funded by all income streams.  8.  GT uses the funding to help support student scholarships, equipment purchases, conference fees, and other programs related to the FM program.  9.  Each semester GT admits new students  and graduates students; there are usually 30-40 FM students at any time in the program.  10.  Professor Kathy Roper has been the GT Liaison for the Chapter since coming to teach in 2002.