[text_block]The Community Services Committee assists non-profit agencies in identifying, planning, managing, and implementing facility projects needed to administer and deliver their services. Since March of 1997, through the use of professional facility management methodologies and member resources, the membership has been helping agencies obtain capital funding and make facility improvements that they may not have otherwise been able to obtain or implement. This work provides an avenue for members to share their time, talents and treasures in a direct and tangible way to help our community.

Our link to the community has both an internal and external payoff. It is important to membership growth and vitality that IFMA Atlanta be seen as having a purpose greater than itself. Its association with the outside world and the recognition for its service will continually reenergize IFMA Atlanta. The work of this committee is becoming a model of service for other Atlanta organizations, i.e. BOMA, and provides a standard for other Chapters around the United States.

Look here to see IFMA at work In the Community.[/text_block]

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