The first purpose of the Business Partners Program is to provide the financial foundation necessary for a viable, successful and award winning Chapter. Given that the greatest portion of member dues remains with IFMA International in Houston, each Chapter must find alternative revenue source(s). Without additional funding, a Chapter cannot provide the types of programs, tours and member benefits (newsletter, directory, etc.) that result in member retention and growth.

Second, the Business Partner Program provides a means for associate member companies to gain year-long exposure to the Chapter’s members who make buying decisions for both products and services. Given that IFMA does not condone or permit associate members taking advantage of Chapter functions to solicit sales opportunities, the exposure gained by financially supporting the Chapter as a Business Partner can provide a distinct sales advantage. People buy from those they are familiar with much more readily than from unknown vendors.

Throughout the year, the Business Partner Program serves as an advocate for, and representative of, Business Partners at Board of Directors’ meetings. They make sure the Board of Directors continues to support the program and takes no action that would diminish the significance or importance of participation. The Business Partner Program also serves as a sounding board for, and communication link to, the Partners.

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