4th Annual Facility Summit for Non-Profits (Recap)


February 10, 2011 the IFMA Atlanta Community Service Committee held its 4th Annual Facility Summit for Non Profits. The event was a huge success again this year thanks to Renee Bonnell (Chosen Enterprise) Dave Woelber (Total Plant and Floral) Diane Adams (ART and Associates) Emily Perry (Harris Perry Interior Design) and CJ Clark (Atlanta Community ToolBank). A special thanks to the Atlanta Community Foodbank for hosting the event and providing a tour of their LEED facility.

What is the Facility Summit? It all started 4 years ago when the Community Service Committee decided that there was a lot more out reach that could be done beyond the few partnering organizations we served at that time. We found too many non profits work in reaction to their facilities and would benefit from being pro active (advancing the profession of facility maintenance).

The focus of the Summit has been introducing non profit organizations to a preventative maintenance manual. Every year we provide new attendees with information on how to start the development of their own manual. It is a one day educational event that provides topical presentations/discussions about the exterior and interior maintenance envelopes. (ie. Roofing – emergency planning – flooring – grants for facilities – air quality – landscaping – energy efficiency – phone and i.t. –hvac – 5s – plumbing – just to name a few)

This event kicks off our quarterly lunch and learns which are for our non profit partners and open to other non profit agencies. If you know of any non profits who own their own facility and would benefit from learning how to manage them. Please direct them to the IFMA Atlanta Website or the committee chair (Dave Woelber) – (2011 Lunch and Learn Dates – May 19 – August 25 and November 17)

Finally a special thanks to our 2011 speakers as they gave of their time and voices to provide valuable information:

Christy Jellets (Atlanta Botanical Garden) Jan Legg (Architect and Decatur Cooperative Ministry Board Member) Paul Bates (Greenguard Enviromental Institute) Michael Doane (Ecolnsights) Jeff Jellets (The Salvation Army) Brookelyn Bacon & Dustin Priester (RooterPlus) Rob Johnson (Atlanta Community Foodbank) Dan Rhodes (Bonitz Environmental Technologies) Darrell Rodgers (Emerald Data Network, Inc) Kimberly Hays deMuga (Atlanta Community Foodbank) Amanda Gray (City of Alpharetta) Barbara Miller (Akzo Nobel Coating)