For the Future

In order to ensure a strong pipeline of future FMs, IFMA Atlanta strives to connect Facility Management graduate and undergraduate students with internship opportunities in the field.  This real-world experience will help those students

  • be more competitive in the job market,
  • make them more likely to find FM-related work after graduation, and
  • to stay in the profession long-term.

Internships also benefit employers by providing innovative new workers to help with less than high priority projects, potential candidates for future openings, and linking FM knowledge to sustain our profession.

Internship Manual

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National Internship Connection

If you are interested in internship opportunities outside of the Atlanta area, please visit the IFMA Foundation’s INTERNnet:


Local Internship Connection

Interns and Companies can contact one of the following for more details:

Kennesaw StateKennesaw State University – Marietta Campus

The Construction Management Department at Kennesaw State University offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Facility Management. The degree program is accredited by the IFMA Foundation-developed Facility Management Accreditation Commission.

Kennesaw State University uses the Handshake Career Management System. Employers wishing to hire students for jobs and/or internships can follow this link to get started in the system.

If you wish to recruit at Kennesaw State University, please follow this link for more information.

ifma-foundationsmGeorgia Institute of Technology
Masters in Building Construction and Facility Management
Brenda Morris, Recruitment Manager



Having a Georgia Tech summer intern was incredibly valuable to our organization in 2014.  Emory University Hospital Midtown is a community-based, acute care teaching facility with more than 1,000 physicians spanning 28 specialties.

We reside on a campus in the heart of Atlanta that consists of five unique buildings and seven parking decks and surfaces.  The Facilities Management Department manages the 2,851,581 sq. ft. of space on the campus.

Yun (Nancy) Zhou was able to follow the plan the Facilities Management Department had outlined to gather data that would be used in our Facilities Business and Master Plans.  Having data to make critical decision for FY16 capital planning was great. We not only had the need for improvements, but now the justification for assessing our aging infrastructure and enlisting in new technology that will enable the hospital to operate more efficiently.

Sarah Peek, Assistant Director, Facilities Management

Emory University Hospital Midtown

Emory University Hospital

I think my internship in Emory University Midtown Hospital is an unforgettable and valuable experience in my life, which is also a lesson to guide my career path.

Technically, I learned a lot about healthcare facility management through my internship. Even though Emory is one of the greatest hospitals that I have ever seen, I found out facility management is relatively significant for development of a hospital both on hardware and software; hardware meaning medical equipment and facilities in the building while software means staff services, design of facilities, interior and exterior environment around hospital buildings, and so forth.

Fortunately, when I started my intern in Emory hospital, staff in my department was doing research on a feasibility study for a new parking deck and GIS system applied to equipment and facilities. So I was involved with my department to do research about that, and I was glad that my internship report could be helpful for their research in the future.

I was always interested in sustainable buildings. When I went for trips with other interns to different Emory hospitals in Great Atlanta Area, I focused on sustainable design of each building and facility, such as rainwater management, green roof, ecological environment inside and outside hospital facilities, environmentally friendly materials utilization, and etc. I hope to join a team that focuses on sustainable design and construction of healthcare facilities based on my internship experience with people who also are interested in the same thing.

By conducting my internship report, I learned how to develop a concise but professional presentation and how to be confident to the public. I am an international student so my spoken English is not quite as good like native speaker, but I got a precious chance to improve my oral English so that I can be more confident and easygoing to native speakers.

Finally, I have to say I felt quite warm and welcomed every day during my internship period because everyone I met in Emory was quite friendly with me, especially people in my department.  My supervisor and manager in our department helped me a lot with many kinds of things so that I grew up so fast from an inexperienced person to a person who can think thoroughly while working.

Nancy Zhou, Masters student

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech